Hello beautiful people.

As of from my last post… god knows whenever that was, since I can’t think of on top of my head when that post was posted. HA.

Anyways, just an update with what has been going on with little old me.

2017 has been an unusual start for me, but since February this year, I got a bit of spark of good luck on my side and things are looking swell and at least better then prior.

I didn’t really tell anyone, but I had actually been jobless since the end of September 2016. I had a string of bad luck all at once. I had a feeling that my job was coming to an end with my job then, and had a feeling that I should set up something to protect myself. Gathering all the necessary data and information for my portfolio, and so forth.

I hate to say that I was the only one who was pretty much screwed over between the whole team at my old job, but I pretty much was. I had to look out for myself and I’m really grateful to my previous boss who was really understanding and helped me out a bit. On the other side of things, I finally decide that after playing nice with other team members and being treated like crap, I put an end to it and went on a little vacation that I had already planned prior with the boyfrand.

Sad part is however, I did get into a car accident on the last day of my job that I had in agreement with my boss. SIGH, yes. It sucks. I’m no stranger to bad luck (especially in the job force….), so I just had a nagging feeling that something like that was going to happen. But for the most part, I’m alive, so that’s good news. Nothing too serious.

So now my beautiful car has some damage to her, but Selene will survive. Still debating on what I want to do with her. Fix her? Leave it alone? For now, they’re battle scars on her.

Anywho, so vacation mode. I went on another cruise with the boyfrand. I believe it was a four-day-er trip. In all honestly, I liked my 7 day trip for the cruise better. I felt that the 4 days was quick and that the staff didn’t get to build an intimate relationship with you. Also the food was just “meh” for me. Here’s to looking out for another 7 day-er. Maybe I’ll go to Alaska or somewhere else?

For the most part, I spent it watching comedy shows and drinking. Yes… I actually drank, which is really rare for someone like me.  But most importantly, some quality time spent with the boyfrand. Just spending time and slowing down, cause I know my brain is running like 1730130912371203 pace and never slows down.

So moving on. I spent pretty much the time after when I got back from the cruise, looking for jobs. I’m not going to lie. It got a little depressing, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from stopping. Constantly on the look out and finally this past February I got a chance at it.

I have to thank the Creative Marketing Officer (CMO) for giving me a call. Although initially I applied for a position that required much more out of me. We spoke on the phone and I listed my concerns as well as an understanding of my lack of real life experience. I am glad however that she took her time to call me and asked her boss, to consider me. I forget which day she called me, but then she promised that she’d give me a dial no later than the 15th of February, when she got an answer.

So, on the 14th of February. I had a date with the boyfriend. We watched John Wick 2 (which I may, or may not write a post about.. maybe). We had some tasty BBQ at our favorite location and got tickets for the movie. Before we got to the movies, I did get a call and was promised an interview.

Fast forward to the day of the interview. I happen to meet the CMO and CFO, the CEO was out of town, so I didn’t meet him yet. Had my interview, just pretty much was being myself for the most part. And I had a good feeling.

But yeah fast fast forward. That’s where I am today.  I think my lucks turning around and hopefully for the better. I’m looking to be at this location for a long time. When I say the lucks turning around, this position was asked to be open for me, so I’m really grateful for the CMO and CFO for giving me an opportunity to prove myself to them.

There’s other things I have much to tell, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Until next time,