As promised, here I am back again. Slowly but surely, I am trying to put my life back together.

I am just having a hard time adjusting because everything is brand new and different for me.

I say that because now it just feels like a real job for me. Real rules, real people, different cultural backgrounds and a different community. One where I can hope to learn and soak up all the knowledge from my older colleagues. I’m the youngest on the team, so I hope to bring something new to them and fresh.

Oh, silly me, I posted about getting a job, but never stated what I was actually hired for. I am a Administrative Assistant to my boss and a Graphic Designer (junior position). I pretty much feel like a jack of all trades type of person though, which is something I tend to be anyways.  But yep! I’m excited. Hoping whenever I get to be put on the team full time, it’ll be an awesome adventure. So far I’m learning quite a bit.

So aside from the job things, I’ve been trying to re-adjust my schedule for everything else that is in my life.  When I say “try”, I literally mean try, since I’m only part time, I need to figure out how I want my day to go about. I’m attempting a crazy schedule, but I’m familiar with crazy schedules, so I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem.

So since I am part time, my day starts at 6:30AM but I have been training my body to get up at that ungodly 5:00AM alarm, but nooze back to sleep. I’m only attempting that because I know that if I start a full time, I want to be able to get into work at 7:00AM, so that way, my day can end early and I can do other things with my time. But right now, my day at work usually ends around 3 PM.

After 3PM is where the tricky part is. First off, I have to fight traffic home, which California traffic, as everyone knows, is timed and not talked in miles. So let’s say I get back around 4 PM.

So far I haven’t been able to adjust this area yet. I say that because I’m trying to get my work out in at night, so I take a break from work when I get home. I’m thinking of streaming a little after I get back from home, but the problem with that is that…. it’ll be mostly 2 hour streams, which I think is pretty short. I haven’t decide what I wanted to do.

I actually purchased an Elgato Game Capture Card HD60, which unfortunately I found out is awesome, but doesn’t work with OBS on OSX -___-” so that put a damper on my plans a little bit. Whatever, I guess for now I’ll use the software that comes with the Elgato, for now.  (Plans for a PC?  One day.)

So its either going to be games or art for streams. I’m thinking maybe a 4:30PM-6:30 PM stream session. So roughly 2 hours. Either I stream art, or games. Still need to figure that out too. Maybe I’ll attempt IRL? I could edit stuffs and just have a hang out session.

Eat dinner and then bounce to go work out. Yes I am trying to fit that in my life again too. Job is always a sitting thing, so I need to get fit again, or least keep my health in check, especially since I’m attempting crazy schedules.

Now that I think about it, I have to set aside a schedule and time to edit … such as my website and videos for youtube. That means I can’t stream everyday…. HMMM…… OMERGOD. My life. Seriously. I also wanna get back into Vlogging again too. I miss that crap. All my new years resolution went down the hill. Seriously, I need to get my crap together.  Literally, with everything. Haha.

People always wonder why I keep doing what I do, when I can technically just relax. I don’t think the boyfriend understands that too. He thinks I’m crazy. We’re opposites like that.

But I do what I do, keeping in mind the quote (to the left).

I wanna attempt all the crazies before I really settle down and look forward to the future, and especially don’t want to have any regrets.

So much to do, so little time. Need to get back to website work, art, streaming, and all kinds of area in my life, which is lots of things, cause I am crazy like that.

Be on the look out for new contents and hopefully I’ll be able to blog again. ^_^

But at least, I’m getting started back up again.