Alast, I am alive and well, here’s to one of the few colored and completed artwork that I started on Procreate and finishing off with Photoshop.

So let’s begin with my unusual process.

Since I have pretty  much disappeared off the face of Urth (Earth) for awhile, I had got an Apple from my parents for Christmas last year (2016), I’ll probably write that funny story of how I got it in another blog one day but so anyways, this is my creative process for this drawing.

I started off sketching with an application that you can get on the apple store called, “Procreate”. It’s roughly around $6-7 depending what region you are from. So after sketching onto there, I transfer the file onto Adobe Photoshop to do the line art and the coloring.

The original reason I did this drawing was because of my anniversary with my boyfriend, which marks like.. I don’t know 6 years of this relationship and my current long standing, by passing my other pathetic one by 2 years now. Oh my… how time flies by.

I just wanted to do something that expressed my current relationship and at my most relaxed situation with him. I did end up coloring this a little later though, I believe during around the 14th of February.

I can’t say I did an awesome job on it but it’s one of the few digital coloring projects I have attempted. His skins a little too dark but that’s probably due to my brain thinking, on how to make the background lighter, which I failed. Haha, overall it was a fun project. I streamed this on live, so there’s a  of it timelapse below for you to view.


Check out the process below!