So this is my Lemon Maid concept character. I only did this cause one, I was bored, and my friend from Twitch, RabbitKun was also doing it and she suggested I just draw it for fun if I decided not to apply into the contest.

I did submit my artwork to the competition though, but on the basis of just to see what’s up, more so than to win if anything.

I had a lot of fun with this project. It was something from ground up and only on Adobe photoshop. You can see my process below.

Overall, aside from enjoying how I drew my character, she turned out that bad, and the color combination I chose wasn’t too bad on her. I’m not too keen on the background though, but that I did for fun too because Rabbitkun was like, “I think they asked for a background too.” So eh, this is my feeling failed but tried my best anyways idea of a background.