I bet you’re wondering why I chose #jayDeuces. The hash tag honestly is just the tag to my Instagram posts when I draw the series to link it up.

The Jay is just the first Initial to both our name. We actually both have very similar Initials, except for our middle name. My name being Jessica, and his being John. So see? Jay it is!

As google defines Deuces,

a thing representing, or represented by, the number two, in particular.

As Urban dictionary defines Deuces,

when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing “peace” when leaving an establishment, “deuces” is often said.

So in real translation it could just mean Peace Jay or Two Jays or Jay Peace. My boyfriend is super old school and actually likes the whole peace sign thing (I always tell him he doesn’t belong in this age and time frame). I thought it would be fitting with a tad bit of slang there.


So there you have it! I hope that explains a bit  ^__^