So…I did promise that I would post about the story behind me getting the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. So last year roughly a week or so before Christmas,  I was awoken by my parents to help them go get a new Apple iPhone 7 Plus or something and they wanted me to come because I knew a little more about the technology stuffs and all.  The reason being, my dad was on the iPhone 3GS, and no, not joking, and he needed a new phone. That way, my mom would get the newer one and he would get her phone, which is still new anyways.

So here I was grumpy and tired, but getting up because one, I knew this was going to take awhile, so the faster I got up, then we can go and be on our merry way, which also meant, we were also going to have a family day.

Of course, before I go, I text my boyfriend about possibly going to the Apple store, and jokingly, “Hey I might come home with an iPad or something.”

So I get up and dress up and leave with my parents. We start off by going to grab something to eat and then headed to the local T-Mobile store to see if they have it. I already told my parents, they might have a more 50/50 chance at an Apple Store versus our service plan.

Pretty much was right on the dot with that because the representative that helped us told my mom she wouldn’t be getting her phone until like three weeks later and my parents don’t like to wait for stuff, so off to the Apple store we go.

So heading to the apple store, we parked and walked to the store. So its nearing Christmas and the store is packed. Just flagging someone down was pretty hard, so when I manage to snag someone to help, I asked them if they had any and the specific one I was looking for my mom.

Since there’s a wait time on when I’ll be getting said phone, I decided to check out the iPad Pro, well more accurately how the Apple Pencil worked and fair for drawing as an artist.

So I’m just there, doodling away and in here comes my dad from the corner of my eye with his hands crossed and goes, “Whatchaa doingggg?” in Vietnamese. So I just tell him my thoughts, cause I was considering of picking one up for working on the go, for sketches and such. He considers my thoughts and says, “Do you want it? Dad will get it for you for Christmas.” Me being me, “No it’s okay dad, mom’s getting a phone, and it’s going to cost a lot of money already.” So he walks away and a few minutes later… out of the corner of my eye, my mom comes over.

So my mom asks me, “SO….I heard you wanted this.” I told her, yes, but wasn’t too sure yet so I was testing it. She then proceeds to ask me, “Don’t you have one already. A drawing pad of sorts.” She’s mentioning the Cintiq I got for myself awhile back. “Mom, I can’t move that thing around with me and I want something portable so I don’t always have to lug around my laptop.” She ponders and thinks on it, then proceeds to go. “Do you want it?”

I look at her going, “Why do you ask? You know my answer. Of course I want one.” Haha, so then by this time, the person who I spoke to brought us a helper and the iPhone I had asked for my mom. She tells me to ask him about the iPad Pro and of course I just told him I do art and what did he think which iPad pro was better and what not. So yep.

I text my boyfriend, telling him, “Well shit. I did end up with an iPad Pro.”

But yeah, this is how I ended up with one. I usually never ask my parents for stuff and the last time they had ever bought me anything remotely that expensive was my older Apple Macbook Pro Laptop 17″, which was back when I was in high school.