So I spent last Saturday ( 9/17/2016 ) just cooking after doing a bunch of errands that I had on my to do list, and I had cooked, which I didn’t blog, unless you watch my Instagram Stories, then it was there for that day. But anyways, cooked too much and ended up calling my friend over (little sister) to eat and send her home some food too. So she was talking to me about how she wanted to do a paint thing for her birthday, so we had discussion about it due to the fact that she was going with her coworkers from work and how they picked a lame painting. Well maybe to me it was lame but I don’t know. Anyways, we were browsing some of the ones that were offered since the one I usually go to didn’t have their calendar up yet… I saw something that was better then the one she’s going with her coworkers. A BETTER BAMBOO THEME. So she thought it was cool and I said if she wanted, we could just paint it here and right now, because I had canvases and paint in my room (seeing how I am an artist….), and then that happened.

At first I wasn’t going to paint because there wasn’t enough space and I couldn’t find my other easy thing.  Boop. But she had asked me, so I just planned it in my head to switch off while she had to wait to dry and I would go next and paint my part. So I just broke the picture down and told her the steps. Instead of doing the same colors, I just picked and made it the bamboo scene into the moon and bamboos in contrast to her sunny bright sun bamboo look. Turned out great.

Below is a quick video of her mostly painting and bits of me until I just got into the zone and completely stopped recording. LOL. Enjoy!