So with revamping my website, I decided to include this little bit of my thoughts for this relaunch. I am still missing some stuffs, but that’s due to the fact I am unsure of how I am to organize my pieces of works. Still debating on those, but overall, I have just a bit to make the content interesting. If you still see old works pop up from time to time, it’s cause I feel the need to put them in, so it’ll be a nice throwback if anything.

So here goes….

Just a few of days ago, in this month of October, Porter Robinson released an animation video for his and Madeon ‘s song, “Sheltered” that I got to watch when it came out on the day of.

So let me tell you, that when I first heard this song when it was first released awhile back. I listened to the lyrics carefully and it really hit home for me.

Lyrically, I had made the guess that it was definitely a “parent/child” type of song, or something of that sort. It also adds a little bit of perhaps admiration as well, I guess. Because honestly no one in this world can do it themselves without some sort of help and foundation to build themselves up.

So when this animation came out, It really hit me and made me cry.

The animation is centered on Rin, a girl who’s trapped by herself in a beautiful, lonely simulation for all eternity. and of Shigeru, her father, who created this simulation to save his daughter from the end of the world.

So of course, when I read the little bit of synopsis, it made me think of how my parents worked so hard to give me my foundations and the shelter I needed to keep me alive. And even as far as my ancestors perhaps. And that maybe sometime in the future, whatever I’ve learned will be the same as I pass down to my future unborn children with my parents guiding me as well, even if one day they won’t be there anymore.

Great storyboard art on how far a parent will go for their children. Beautifully written and animated as well. Pretty much fell in love with it even more because the video came out just how I thought it would when I first listened to the lyrics.

So back to my life right now. I have just recently been put off of work that I kind of expected to happy due to how the past few months have been going down. Good thing for me is, I alway try to plan ahead of myself to ease some sort of blow to my life. Currently, I am looking around for a job, spending most of my time actively fixing my design portfolio and relaunching this website. On my other free time, I’m polishing my traditional skills, digital, and picking up a few more, if possible.

So here as I have left my old job and onto a new journey. Relaunching both my personal art website blog here at IAMSCRATCH.NET and of course, relaunching my design portfolio, DESIGNJAY.NET. I hope to see with my own eyes, something better.

With all the bad luck I have had this year, I don’t know where I’ll go, but I hope the creative side of me never leaves me, and maybe one day, I’ll be create something that is heartwarming and inspiring to others around me.

So here’s to a new adventure.  With fresh eyes, hopefully the next few steps I make to my new path, will nourish and feed my hunger to achieve something far better for my life, and for those around me.


For more information and stuffs, check out Shelter, the Animation’s website.