Another project for this year, finally a custom! This time I am tackling Shock, Lock, and Barrel from Tim Burton’s The Night Before Christmas. All of these customs are a Custom Kidrobot Mini series, so they are around 2.5 inches. I used wires and super sculpey for this project with the base. After finishing the sculpting process, I would cure it and then sand down the materials to make it smooth. I did however, fun into a problem, realizing that I was missing a noses for each of the characters and had to backtrack on the sculpting.

I ran into a lot of problems, probably due to the fact that I wasn’t thinking of it at the time. However, I still managed to finish everything and then painted it with acrylic paint, using references I found online and from the movie itself. This was made for a friend of mine, for her birthday present this year (2016). You can watch the timelapse process of all the toys below.