img_3485So here’s another Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure for me (10/23/2016), but this time, with my parents (and Eric), whom haven’t even gone into DCA and have not been in Disney since I was probably like under 10 years old, because I have some vague memories of me and my cousin, Kent, running around Disney as a kid getting onto rides.

Of course, I’m always going to be rocking some sort of Disney gear on me. This time, it’ll be my Mickey’s hat. Didn’t go full out like I did last time with my Cheshire Hat and Cheshire tank. I did bring my Mickey ears sweater, but that was more for the night time.

I decided not to vlog this adventure but I did capture a few videos here and there but mostly photos for my parents and I quote from my mom, “We have a photographer here, let’s use her.” Duh… I was my parent’s personal photographer for the day.

img_3489So we started off in Disney’s California Adventure, just to see if we can grab fast passes for the ever long line Car’s ride, which we managed to snag a late one for around 4 PM. I was hoping to snag Space Mountain’s pass but we were late, so I doubted that was going to happen.

First ride we went to was the Midway’s game, rocking the 3d glasses. In the cart however, I had the highest score, beating everyone including Eric, whom brought me and my parents into Disney (Thanks Eric!). img_3495

But yeah, while waiting for that line, we definitely were playing Pokemon Go! My parents were definitely pointing out how people were on their phones all the time, and I was talking and playing games while waiting in line with them. My mom thought the line would be super fast, and we’re looking at her like… No…. you don’t even know. Seeing how I’ve been to Disney in general quite more often then she has.

And so forth, our day went. I think we covered majority of the biggest rides. I went on California Screamin’ with my parents because apparently I had forgotten that Eric doesn’t do roller coasters…..

So all my major coaster rides, I definitely went on, especially I wanted to cover them since my parent’s hadn’t been there in forever. Of course Indiana Jones was always breaking down but we did manage to ride on it, it being the last one for the night.

Mattahorn was sadly disappointing, the feeling wasn’t the same anymore for me. I did enjoy Space Mountain though, but that’s cause that’s some heavy roller coaster action. My mom was upset that the stars were gone. I did tell her it’s Halloween theme and it was a lot more darker then the original.

Midway through the day though, it did started to rain and it sure poured, to the point where we had to buy rain coats to keep ourselves dry. I bet anything because I had the least amount of clothing on me, because my back was completely exposed (I sweat easy) and because Eric didn’t even bring a sweater/jacket -___- so my parents being parents, made us wear the rain coats.

Car’s ride was not fun because of the rain. For awhile I was cranky due to the weather and some bits here and there things were definitely bugging me, but I tried my best not to let it get to me.

We didn’t go into any of the kid’s rides section in Fantasyland for Disneyland and spent most of it in Adventureland and Tomorrowland. A little sad that Thunder ride is gone but we’ll see in a few years how that area’s gonna change up.

No shows for the night, no parade, no fireworks and definitely no World of Color, which was the one thing I wanted my parents to see, cause they’ve never seen it.

But over all, lines weren’t too bad, it cleared up after awhile and we still enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully my parents enjoyed themselves but I had to ask Eric to help get me in, which is something I don’t do often.

Hopefully there will be more adventures. We should really go to Magic Mountain though…. LOL. Cause my parent’s prefer the crazy roller coaster rides. I don’t know about you guys but my parents (especially mom) was more of the kid then I was.